A portable, internet-based reference application designed to help dermatology residents gain quick access to the latest clinical information.

An innovative electronic reference application for resident physicians, that is optimized to be viewed on handheld computers. Its platform supports and nurtures an information-sharing network of volunteer dermatology residents, allowing them to gain access to the latest clinical information.

In the past decade, technology has certainly changed the way things are done within the field of Dermatology. What is surprising is that very few of these technological breakthroughs have been used to improve the educational process of resident Dermatologists. Dermland is what they have been waiting for!

"Being a Dermatology resident can be a challenging experience. We know this firsthand and wanted to create a tool that would help current and future residents gain access to concise, meaningful information" explained Dr. Bhatia, co-founder of "By providing this information in a portable user-friendly vehicle, we hope to alleviate some of the frustrations that we experienced ourselves." The potential for this resident author-based resource in the Dermatology community is considerable. "It is this [resident] participation, which can grow exponentially, that will make this tool so indispensable," said Dr. Munavalli. "We are hoping that every Dermatology resident will log-on to learn more about Dermland. It's a volunteer information-sharing network and we are simply providing the platform to allow this activity to occur. We're relying on the residents to provide referenced information" that will not only help other trainees, but is bound to help their own educational needs soon in the future.

Portable Reference Application

"essential information at the fingertips of every resident dermatologist"

This tool offers each user the unique opportunity to share his own knowledge within specific topics of clinical dermatology, as well as receive the latest information submitted by his peers. Each topic presented is reviewed by an experienced practicing Dermatologist for accuracy, and may range from differential diagnosis to "Board Pearls," and mnemonics.

Dermland features educational, board-relevant teaching points in a concise and searchable format within the following areas:
  • Clinical and basic science Dermatology
  • Dermatologic Surgery
  • Dermatopathology
  • Dermato-Epidemiology
  • Dermato-Pharmacology / Therapeutics
By utilizing Palm-OS based computers, Pocket PCs, or any Internet-ready computer, Dermland puts essential information at the fingertips of dermatology residents. This valuable tool is provided free of charge due to a generous contribution by Ferndale Laboratories Inc.