We continue to develop educational software and products which are provided free of charge to students, residents, and physicians pursuing their education. Our goals are to make these valuable resources available free of charge to users both nationally and abroad. To achieve our goals, we rely solely on funding from private sector, educational grants, and philanthropic sources. With continued support and growth, we ultimately hope to create a self-sustaining endowment that will allow us to offer grants to individuals and organizations sharing our vision.
A portable, dynamically updated internet-based reference site for Dermatologists in practice and training.
An education tool for dermatology residents around the country.
Dermatology Integrative Competency Curriculum is case-based learning that uses a patient problem as a stimulus for learning appropriate dermatology subjects.
To emulate the examination of glass slides on a conventional light microscope by creating an online “visual microscope”.
An Access Database- based desktop application that simplifies the logging of Mohs surgical information. This user-friendly application is able to report the stored data into instant surgery reports, referral letters, and written prescriptions.
  Check Your
The Check Your Skin campaign is designed to increase early detection of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Through early detection of melanoma the survival rate should increase. The focus of the public service campaign is to teach the public to perform monthly self-skin examinations and recognize the changes associated with malignant melanoma.